I’d be a fool to stain my name

We got to much on the line

Can’t afford to loose my cool

Get my pay-back all in good time

We’re not the only ones that he sucked in

I heard this business can be so cruel

Found out the hard way took the long way round

Good god got ripped like a fool, on the Border line

My father taught me to be a hard working man

Take pride in my honesty

“Hell” not muck around by stealin’ and cheatin’

“How the hell does that bastard sleep?”

All those lies that you flung through the air, be sure they’ll be headin’ back your way

Gonna hit you low hit you hard gonna watch you pray

I’ll be headin’ down cross the Borderline

I’ll be headin’ down in my own time

I’ll be headin’ south cross the Borderline

He’ll sit you down at a nice café 

Talk big with a hollow eyed smile

Knows the right words and knows those names

All seems good for a little while

Can’t just take this hit on the chin! “Can you live with all that you’ve done?”

Doesn’t matter gonna catch up to you in the long run

I’ll be headin’ down to the borderline

I’ll be headin’ down in my own

I’ll be headin’ south cross the borderline

You left me hangin’ by a thread hey

See you take the fall on the Borderline

Gotta stop it all!!..




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