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Money Breeds Flies

moneybreedsfliesReleased: 2012


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2021.16 Stone Concert Stone...Dave Stone. Much like James Bond, Dave Stone keeps coming back better and better! This time he has added trumpet player extraodinaire Jeremy Sinclair, master of the bass Fred Grenade, and tickler of the ivories Michael Compton. With his new updated look, Stone has added even more talentto a band already loaded with gifted musicians. The sextet will be making their debut at the Pearl on Sunday, January 16th, for an exciting concert to start off the new year.

As a fixture of the Shanghai music scene, Dave has drawn a huge following by performing around town, both as a solo artist and as a member of the Cotton Club band and the Red Stars Band. He is a star of the highly successful Ed Sheeran Show performing in the lead role. He also performs as the highly energetic Angus Youngof AC/DC in the Monsters of Rock show and as a member of the Pink Floyd Show.

With the Stone, he continues to deliver foot stomping blues and psychedeic rock singing lead and playing slide guitar. By adding Sinclair, Grenade, and Compton to Stone veteran trumpeter Toby Mak and drummer Edward Hart, prepare to have a rock roaring time.

Expect the unexpected when Stone hits the stage with original music penned by the man himself; songs delivered with soaring vocals and superior musicianship. Energetic, brazen, and soulful are just a few words one can use to describe this show. But don't take our word for it, go see for yourself! 


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