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Money Breeds Flies

moneybreedsfliesReleased: 2012


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Stone JALC 71121 copyAfter three hugely successful sold out shows. the Dave Stone Band will make a much-heralded return to the elegant confines of the Lincoln Centre (JALC) for another sizzling performance on November 7th. He will delight the crowd with his mix of foot stomping blues and psycedelic rock.

Dave's brilliantly written songs combined with his skilful delivery on lead and slide guitar makes this a must see concert. Known for his passion and thrilling energetic sets, he has captivated crowds the world over. His love and enthusiasm for beautifully crafted songs is second to none and can only be captured by a team of crack musicians: keyboardist Ye Ye, trumpet playing Toby Mak, bassist Owain Edwards, and his partner in the pocket, drummer Edward Hart.

Tickets are out now and expect this show to sell out too. So don't wait! The date is November 7th, the show is at the Lincoln Centre. Prepare for a raucous night of music that flows from the soul of Dave as he takes us on a journey through his life. The melody and the lyrics will keep you in a groove all night long. Don't miss this performance as it will be one of the last in Shanghai for a while.

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