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Money Breeds Flies

moneybreedsfliesReleased: 2012


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Stone The Pearl 141021 copyThe Dave Stone Band has arrived and they are brandishing a deep songbook composed by local legend Dave Stone. Having grown in Sydney, Australia, as well as spending much of his time living in Asia, Dave has been a huge part of the music scene.

As a resident musician at The Pearl, Shanghai's most prestigious live music theatre venue, he has performed with the Red Stars band on the Monsters of Rock show as Angus Young of AC/DC. Also as Ed Sheeran and a member of the Pink Floyd show; Dave's talent as a musician is well known.

Now he brings his talents to the Dave Stone Band who are known for foot stomping blues 'n' roots and psychedelic rock with Dave performing the vocals and playing on lead/slide guitar. He is backed by a band of vetern talent: keyboardist Ye Ye, trumpet playing Toby Mak, bassist Owain Edwards, and his partner in the pocket, drummer Edward Hart.

Prepare for a raucous night of music that flows from the soul of Dave as he takes us on a journey through his life. The melody and the lyrics will keep you in a groove all night long. Don't miss this performance as it will be one for the ages.

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